After several attempts at different website themes, I found one that works with the gallery plugin that I like to use. The problems that I have had in the past are that my site was too fiddly, so I took forever with updates and the site was never really scalable across platforms. I realized that simple on the front end isn’t always simple on the back end. I also learned, the hard way, that paying for a theme doesn’t always mean that it will work better than what is available out there for free.

So this is it! Welcome to my new website. I have some edits to make, updates on things like my CV (one of the languishing sections of my site) and the gallery. I have a whole gallery of street photography that I am putting together and will put up this week.

I am making some big changes this year personally and professionally. Travel and more travel photos, will, of of course, be on the agenda along with some other exciting things.  For now, I have a few gigs for which I am feverishly editing photos and I am preparing for another photo shoot next week with a magician. Yes, a magician! I’m pretty excited to be working lately with professionals in variety of industries. Most people think of Silicon Valley as a tech hub, and it is, but there are all sorts of interesting people who live here as well as engineers. Also, I am in the process of putting together some really fantastic international photography workshops for later in 2015. The details will be announced shortly; please stay tuned!

Thank you for visiting my new site. Do let me know what you think.




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