I have just created a book of photos through Blurb.com. This book combines photos that Matt and I have both taken on our travels around the world.

About the book:

The English poet Henry Reed said “All human beings are interconnected, one with all other elements in creation.” This book is a collection of photos drawn from our travels across several continents. Each image is a single and seemingly unique moment on Earth. These captured moments of both people in their daily activities as well as their environments are sequenced to illustrate that our moments and our stories are actually shared with millions of others all around the world. Despite our geopolitical differences, the similarities that we share connect us across cultures, politics, and geographic boundaries. These moments define our humanity.

Take a look on Blurb.com. The link is below. A second book of my black and white film work in San Francisco’s Chinatown will be available in July. Check back for that announcement in a couple of months.

By Neeley Main and Ma…

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