Since 2011, I have been organizing and teaching photography workshops. I am thrilled to have many repeat students, many who started with my single-day street photography workshops in San Francisco and now join me on my longer, travel trips to Europe. Below are some comments from various students.

“You did an outstanding job of being our mentor, cheerleader and more! The best in so many ways! You have a real gift for being a fabulous workshop leader” – Mary

“Want to thank you again for a great day in Chinatown. You have a knack of seeing what we are doing and what we need to do to improve and present it in a positive way. Really appreciated your insight and critique, especially when everyone was included. Learned from what you had to say about the images of others as well as mine. Well done Wonderful group of participants. Don’t remember the last time I took a class where everyone got along so well and were always willing to work together. This just added to the day’s enjoyment and learning.” – Sonny

“It was a great experience! Been to Chinatown many times, but didn’t really see it.” – Michael

“I enjoyed the workshop a great deal. I learned a lot and am looking forward to putting it to use with a lot of experimentation.” – Saphyre

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop! I learned a lot and it was a very fun, productive day!” – Sonya

“I want to thank you for the wonderful workshop this past Saturday. I enjoyed it very much and definitely learned some good techniques and ideas that will help my shooting.” – Barry

I want to particularly thank you for being so organized and informative. So often I end up in a workshop or class where the instructor has not given the format and presentation sufficient thought to make it a truly learning experience. Not you. You really did a beautiful job on all counts.” – Tom

“The group was great, and the leaders complemented each other in interests, personalities, energy, thinking on the fly, being flexible while “herding cats” checking in with everyone — and we all still liked being together even on the last day!  I liked that I got lots of exercise and didn’t have to worry about what I ate.” – Sue