2017 Workshop Announcement! Join Me in Western Ireland

I have a confession. I am in love with Western Ireland.

County Mayo

The landscape is wild, unpredictable, and always breathtaking. One day it rains, the next it’s sunny, and if you are lucky, you’ll see a rainbow or two stretching across the greenest hills you have ever laid eyes on. As you know, I also don’t like to travel where the food is bad, so Western Ireland does not disappoint. The seafood is delicious and fresh. The soda bread is always baked with love, and the food in the pubs will warm your stomach. This history is deep and fascinating. The music is intoxicating. And the best part of Ireland is the people. They will charm you with their warmth and kindness. 

Dingle Bay

Therefore, I have decided that my single international photo tour in 2017 will be in Western Ireland. I invite you to be one of the lucky few to join me in Western Ireland in May 2017. I only offer one international workshop a year, and this one is already almost sold out. I have put together a great ten-day program starting in Westport, Co. Mayo and ending in Co. Clare, visiting castles, ancient abbeys, sea-side villages, deserted islands, a brewery and a distillery, old manor houses, and beautiful gardens. The workshop fee includes all itinerary excursions, 4 and 5 star lodging, airport transfers, most meals, a very comfortable private van for just our small group, a private tour guide, and photography instruction by me with daily assignments designed to challenge each person at their level. Photographers at ALL levels are warmly welcomed. 

You can find all the details, daily itinerary, and where to sign up by clicking this link. If you have any questions at all, please contact me at neeley@drown.com or give me a call at +1.650.315.8812. 

Do not wait to book. 

Slán leat,


Matt Molloy's, Westport



One Single Day In Paris

Do you remember those Time Life books “A Day in the Life of ” that came out in the 1980s? The books were collections of images made by a gang of photographers who were let loose in different parts of the same country with the challenge of photographing all day from sunrise and into the night in their part of the country. I loved those books and they inspired me. I used to get one or two for Christmas each year when I was a teenager and I would sit for hours going through the images and planning my travels. 

Now that I am a photographer and a traveler, I have often thought about those books. I would love to recreate that project, but obviously I cannot be in many parts of a country at the same time. But when we got to Paris in early October, I decided to try something similar; I gave myself the task to photograph Paris from sunrise until darkness. Obviously, I couldn’t be everywhere at once, but Paris is easy enough to traverse on foot, bus, and metro, so I knew that I could cover a fair amount of the city in a single day. 

Matt supported this idea, even though he thought that I was a bit crazy. I probably was and am crazy, but as glamorous as it may sound to be traveling all the time, it is tiring and I was losing focus with my photography. I know in the past when I get into a slump with my image making, the best cure is to challenge myself with learning a new technique, photographing a tough subject, or giving myself a project. Challenging myself with this all-day project would be a great experience. Matt came along to shoot some video that we will post on our travel blog site when it’s ready. He also took some still photos – two in the gallery below are Matt’s. They were so good that I just had to include them. 

I spent time plotting out our path for the day. I wanted to start with the Eiffel Tower and end with the Eiffel Tower. I know that it’s the most photographed building in Europe if not the whole world, but there is a reason. Every photograph of the tower is different and beautiful. It’s a building that means something to everyone who sees it and I honestly get a bit teary every trip Paris and see it for the first time on that trip.

In the course of the day, we walked just under 12 miles and covered Paris from Montparnasse up to Montmartre and pack again. We left our flat in Montparnasse at 6:20 in the morning and got back at 11 pm. I tried to narrow down the images to just my absolute favorites from the day, 17 in all. I am pleased with the results and would do it again. In fact, if you are feeling a bit blocked with your photography, why not do something similar? It is exhausting, but so much fun. Even if you don’t go all day, I highly recommend getting up before the sun comes up and photographing any big city at sunrise. 



Dawn at the Trocadero looking out at the Eiffel Tower

Thank you for following. I hope that you enjoy the images. 

Neeley (November 4, 2016)

From the Road

As  many of you know, I have been on the road since May 2015. After traveling across Mexico for three months, my husband, Matt, and I have spent almost a year visiting 17 other countries. Along the way, we have been writing about our experiences at http://2ontherun.com/. Take a look if you haven’t been following. For now we are spending the holidays in New Hampshire and taking time to catch up on editing our photos, writing, planning our 2016 photography workshop, and visit friends and family here in New England. 

Autumn was gorgeous this year in New England. The trees put on a spectacular show and we were lucky enough to get here just in time for the display. Matt and I both used to live here, in fact, Matt grew up in New Hampshire, so usually when we come here it’s to spend time with family and visit friends. This extended trip has allowed us to be tourists in what used to be our old stomping grounds. We have decided since we will be here for a while, that we should take advantage and explore New England as we have been exploring other countries. So, we now have some trips, including heading to Burlington, Vermont, New York City to spend a day in Manhattan photographing the Christmas decorations, and then on to Newport, Rhode Island to tour three of the old mansions that will be decorated for the Christmas holiday. Below are a couple of photos from the Autumn display of colors from our backyard. 




But it’s not all play since we have arrived in New Hampshire. My first task was to finish editing and cataloging my photos from the first half of our trip so that I could share them with you. Below is a gallery of some of my favorite images going through December 2015. We started in Mexico, then went to New Orleans, Jamaica, Iceland, England, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Vienna, and Italy. More will follow from the second half of our trip soon. 

Thanks for following along and please enjoy the photos. 

-Neeley (November 4, 2016)

Greetings from Mexico!

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As many of you know, this past year has been a crazy one. Just over a year ago, on May 3, 2014, we got married and since then my husband, Matt, and I have been planning on trading in our lives in the San Francisco Bay Area for the lives of nomads. When we made the decision to do this, there were so many things up in the air for us professionally and personally. Also, there was so much we didn’t know would be important decisions to make. I am so thankful to all of our friends who helped us to prepare for this life change.On May 8, we closed the door to our storage unit, locked it and headed south.

On May 13, we arrived at our first destination, Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. This little town, about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas, has been the perfect start to our new life. There is not much to do here. We are renting an apartment from a lovely local family who run an organic farm in town. We are near the beach and can hear the waves crashing each nigh as we fall asleep. It’s been two weeks and we haven’t wandered out much, as we have been relaxing and enjoying some down time. Although, it hasn’t all been sipping tequila in the sunshine. We have continued to do work on some ongoing projects.

One such project, is our new blog . I invite each of you to stop by and check it out. I will try to send more regular newsletters, but the blog will have more regular updates with photos, stories and information about where we will be going next. 2 on the Run also has a Facebook page and you can even follow us on Instagram under the name 2 on the Run. Stop by and say “hello”.

We will be in Todos Santos, Mexico for another couple of weeks. I might try my hand at surfing. Maybe. Then we’ll head to the mainland after spending a few days snorkeling in La Paz.

I look forward to seeing some of you at our workshop in Rome. Please inbox me if you have any questions or comments about the workshop. It’s small, so we can be flexible. Also, I look forward to hearing from you about 2 on the Run.

¡Hasta luego!
Neeley (Main) Drown

Spend Christmas in Rome With Us

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My husband and I are excited to finally announce our upcoming workshop in my favorite city in the world, Rome! I love Rome any time of the year, but for many, the summer crowds can be overwhelming. The best time for a visit is in the winter, when the city is left to the Romans. The light is beautiful and soft, the weather more comfortable for walking around, and the streets and shops are decorated for the Christmas holiday season. And don’t forget the delicious foods. We have thought of that too.

We have planned a fantastic time in Italy for you. Eight nights in Rome and two in the 14th century village, Assisi. Our boutique hotel in Rome’s Centro Storico is perfectly located for you to explore the city and for our easy access to many of our photo walks, expertly guided tours, and delicious meals. We have many wonderful photographic and edible excursions planned for you.

As this is over Christmas, your family members are quite welcome to join us. While we encourage everyone to bring a camera, we realize that not everyone is interested in making photographs or moving at the pace we photographers usually take. So, during the excursions that are designed specifically to work on learning a new photographic technique, we are happy to arrange private tours of local museums, concerts, and walking tours for those who are not in Rome for the photography. We have designed this workshop to accommodate photographers and their family members. Please get in touch with me at neeley@drown.com if you will be traveling with a non-photographer, so we can make other arrangements for them. The excursions we arrange will be based on their interests and how many non-photographers we have on the trip.

Happy Easter

To many Easter is the beginning of spring, but for those of us living in Northern California, we have been enjoying spring for about six weeks. The spring flowers have been beautiful this year. I have had a chance to visit Filoli, a local country estate that is now part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The gardens and the house are worth a visit any time of year, but for me, spring is the most special.


More than Tech Geeks

Most people perceive the San Francisco Bay Area, and specifically, Silicon Valley as the the epicenter of tech nerdiness. Images of computer engineers, software designers, young Googlers, and Facebook-ers fill magazines and newspapers. The reality is that the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most diverse areas of the United States and I am blessed to call it home. We are diverse in the number of cultures represented, languages spoken – both human and technological, educational and socio-economic levels and industries. This past year I have been photographing Bay Area people who do not work in the tech industry. Below are three images that I have made recently – a waitress, a fitness professional and gym-owner, and a magician, formerly in the semi-conductor business, but who left to follow his passion.




Progress and Changes

After several attempts at different website themes, I found one that works with the gallery plugin that I like to use. The problems that I have had in the past are that my site was too fiddly, so I took forever with updates and the site was never really scalable across platforms. I realized that simple on the front end isn’t always simple on the back end. I also learned, the hard way, that paying for a theme doesn’t always mean that it will work better than what is available out there for free.

So this is it! Welcome to my new website. I have some edits to make, updates on things like my CV (one of the languishing sections of my site) and the gallery. I have a whole gallery of street photography that I am putting together and will put up this week.

I am making some big changes this year personally and professionally. Travel and more travel photos, will, of of course, be on the agenda along with some other exciting things.  For now, I have a few gigs for which I am feverishly editing photos and I am preparing for another photo shoot next week with a magician. Yes, a magician! I’m pretty excited to be working lately with professionals in variety of industries. Most people think of Silicon Valley as a tech hub, and it is, but there are all sorts of interesting people who live here as well as engineers. Also, I am in the process of putting together some really fantastic international photography workshops for later in 2015. The details will be announced shortly; please stay tuned!

Thank you for visiting my new site. Do let me know what you think.




Website Redo

After being unhappy with my previous website for over a year, I decided to redo my site. I wanted it to be simpler, look cleaner, and work better on a variety of platforms. I finally settled on a theme and have been working to get things up and running. Keep in mind that while my camera gear is technical, I am not the most technically savvy photographer when it comes to anything other than my gear. Now 13 hours later, I am finally going to bed.

We leave for Washington, D.C. tomorrow morning and I haven’t even started packing. I have been told that despite my dislike of cold weather and the expected high temps in the low 30s (F), I cannot wear all of my clothes at the same time to stay warm. It will be far too cold for my Californian blood. So, I am off to see how many wooly sweaters I can stuff into my carry-on luggage. I will get back to the site next week and will have some photos from our trip to post. Thank you for your patience.