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Being born in Taiwan into a family that moved every few years instilled an insatiable passion for traveling and connecting with people. As I explore the world, I photograph the special moments in life unearthing the connections that reveal our shared humanity. Exposing how extraordinary ordinary life is inspires me to make photographs. The happiness of life is made up of moments, the little, soon-forgotten charities of a kiss, a smile, a kind look… These are the moments I seek to photograph.

My love of creating fine art, street and documentary photography translates well to personal and professional portraiture, event, and wedding photography. It is also a pleasure to share my passion for photography through teaching workshops.

Event photography prices vary depending on the length and size of the event.
Portrait sessions begin at $500.
Wedding photography packages begin at $1500 and always include digital files.
Workshop pricing varies. Information about my upcoming workshops can be found on this site or by emailing me. I am also available for one-on-one lessons. Prices vary based on your needs and interests.

Prints of some of my photographs are available in various sizes. Please contact me for more specific information.

If you are interested in discussing your portrait, event, or wedding photography needs, or are interested in my workshops, please send me an email at neeley@drown.com.


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